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And I'm Still Waiting And I'm Still Waiting

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Wow, now this is a hidden treasure just waiting to be known!

Love the vibe of this one bro,
great beat, subtle lyrics & wonderful harmonic riffs :)

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Keegs responds:

Thanks, man! More is on the way!!!

Black Arcades Black Arcades

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Dark indeed

As the title of your song implies, it has this dreaded dark tone to it.
Of course not many have the skill for that, but this is quite subtle of it.

Bowsers Castle anyone? Not to compare but it just reminds me of it a bit, really. :)

I think the Xylophone was a nice touch to add the main them to.
of course the beats is just a whole compliment to it.

good stuff bro

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-Milk n' Cookies- -Milk n' Cookies-

Rated 5 / 5 stars

If i had an epic movie or video game

This track would fit right into the very ending clip of it as the credits roll, and/or perhaps a more suitable cutscene like dramatically long pursuit through a city of the future in the evening.

Or maybe just a dance club where all the hotties come for some milk n cookies :]

Midnight Lights Midnight Lights

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I imagine an underwater scene

To be honest, i do. Maybe because it left me with a different impression in mind, but none-the-less a very well composed track that can lead anyone's imagination to a preferred destination. The late introduction of the drums was a nice surprise.

I would love to hear this piece of work in a game with an under water cove level.
it'd make me wanna spend all 60+ hours in there looking for stuff just listing to this

DjRin responds:

I definitely see what you mean by an underwater level! Almost kinda like that super mario 64 level with the ship maybe? :) haha but your praises are very welcome!

I was gunna try and make a badass jazzy sax solo sorta thing, or elaborate on the piano a bit... i really just need to buckle down and buy FL studio so I can save my fl files and keep working on them.

:) if ya wanna check out my other stuff feel free, or if you got anything you want me to listen to man, just lemme know!